Saturday, February 9, 2008

Our Brand Culture white paper goes live

We've published our white paper on Brand Culture, which we've been working on during the last year. It's called "Give Them Something to Believe In: The Value of Brand Culture." Currently you can find it posted both on BrandChannel and on our ID Branding web site.

Since we see this theory as the intersection of several conversations, including those taking place in the branding business, at our agency, and in the field of anthropology, we don't feel so much a sense of ownership as we do a sense of sponsorship. We're putting together certain pieces of the puzzle in certain ways, but we'd love to know if others are putting things together in different ways.

Also, in writing our paper we've learned that every month brings new considerations, validations, and contradictions. So this whole subject of Brand Culture is a conversation that takes place and changes over time.

Please pitch in with your own thoughts, insights, and wild assertions. That's what this blog is all about.